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Long Legs, Short Torso

If your legs are longer than your upper body you have a long legged vertical body type...

    Your hip height is higher than half your full height

    You should also have a high waist

    You will have a proportionally torso

    Your bottom will typically be round and high

    You tend to put on weight around your waist, above your waist or on the back of your hips

    You may also be tall -- although short people can also be long legged

Your main style aims are to create visual balance by creating the illusion of a longer mid-torso. and shorter legs.

Do wear...

    Design details that draw the eye down, such as border prints on skirts and pants (unless you are short)

    Medium-long to long accessories (unless you are short)

    Skirts and pants in the lighter colors than tops

    Medium-long to long tops (if you are short, no longer than knuckle length)

    Un-tucked tops

    Tops and dresses that flow through the waist

    Skirts and pants with narrow waistbands or no waistband

    Straight and flared skirts

    Low-rise or hipster pants

    Straight and flared pants

Don't wear...

    Focal points that draw the eye upwards

    Pin stripes

    Short tops

    Empire line tops and dresses

    Wide belts

    Pants or skirts with a high waistband

    Tapered pants and skirts

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